July 07, 2014

if I ......... conceived 7-5-14 on a camping trip

if I ......... conceived 7-5-14 on a camping trip ........ very rough draft, not for publication beyond what you see/read here. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYWHERE ELSE!!

if I

if I drove my tiny house to a campground's electric loop
I could camp without packing.

if I parked my little house in a trailer park people may
mistaken it for a foundation build.

if I pulled my mobile house into an upscale neighborhood
the police would site me with vagrancy.

if a homeless family toured my sturdy house and I offered them the keys
they would think they have been redeemed.

if I laid out the numbers for morgagaites on the 162 sq ft build and freedom to choose
they may very well question their foundations.

if I showed a mansion dwellers my shoe shelf in my eclectic house
they would complain there was no room to turn around.

if my homestays on wheels or morphs into a foundation build
I knowthe fundamentals remain ...

... freedom in everyway possible!

~ Ann Culey - 07-05-2014

Written while on a camping trip. While communing unintentionally with Mother Nature and God, I was able to see how much better I felt when I was out in the woods, away from technology (I did use Facebook to connect with others) and using pen and ink to write letters, and books to read and knowing every decision had a purpose. Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast had a process, and while I ate more often the fuel was used. The fire had a purpose, the weather made a difference, and I knew what I needed to do and what wasn't necessary. I want to live like that every day! I came home and immediately noticed I couldn't feel or hear anything inside the house, except the whirl of the A/C unit. :-(


June 26, 2014

Good Thursday to you

Good Thursday to you ............. I make a decision and everything changes. I make a choice and different choice are presented.

I found a Hobbit House Community on Facebook and am now a member. If this works out over portable I am happy with that possibility too.

I just want my own house/home.

And speaking of houses ... (from my Facebook posting) "I just have to ask a question - why does everyone seem to build a tiny house with a side to side peak? Esp if towing a peak from front to mid section makes more sense and gives ton more headroom and makes putting ladder to the side more space saving!!!"

June 19, 2014


It's designed, based loosely or somewhat more than that on the Tumbleweed Elm 24 Vantage to get both sleep quarters on the first floor! YAY!!

Now a funny - I wanted the base outline of 8' by 30' in ink so as I kept erasing I didn't have to keep drawing the outline, well I miscounted and the house is currently measured at 8' by 29' and in such a small space that 1 ft is a big deal. I am adding it to the kitchen which will have the cooking triangle. Not a huge one but a usable one. Now on to decide how we'll best utilize the 2nd floor loft area. It only gets to be 4' tall so not much room. And instead of a side to side peak we are either utilizing the dormers on both ends similar to the Vantage OR slope up front (better for aerodynamics too I think) almost flat on top and then down the back with rain gutters to catch and keep water in rain barrels - that will be strapped in on screened back porch when we move the tiny house. 

Pics of plan to follow with our details (and hopefully I will be able to draw a cut away so it's more than a flat floor plan.

Now how to plan and run plumbing, electric outlets and hookups ... oh yeah and how to order the trailer - once I get this debt paid off and find a place for the trailer to rest while being built.

June 17, 2014

Decided my new bedroom will be 7' X 7'. And her bedroom will be 7' X 7'. At opposing ends of the house. See we can get space between us if we need it.

I measured the twin's living room area rug and placed blocks at the dimensions (outside of each block is outside of measurements so it looks just a smidgen smaller than it would be). We will rest the mattresses on captain's style drawer bases. And a long window is planned along bed, light and cross ventilation from window over desk.

Yellow blocks to edges of carpet are where a twin bed will fit. The fourth yellow block is the wall and it is referencing corner of the room with red block.I will hang hooks there for clothing.

The blue and green blocks are my desk, under which a swivel wheeled stool will go. Desk is currently measured out at 2' deep and 3' long but may be able to go less. And there is a window planned on long side of desk.

Red blocks and left and top edges of carpet are 7' X 7'. 
I want pocket doors on each bedroom so walls bordering rooms on either side will be a little thicker than other interior walls but I think that will be okay, only a matter of inches not feet.

So glad we have sleeping under control - now on to my usable bathroom, comfortable living room and compact but highly functional kitchen .... then on to my guest/reading lofts and rooftop deck - way cool house I will have someday!

Ups and Downs

So last weekend we went to DC to see the movie "Tiny" and after deciding to attach sight seeing on the front of the day and stopping for supper on our way to the movie we got there only to find out the movie would start 2 hours after the time it was listed and we had been almost an hour early. So we were tired and frustrated and they were sweet to offer us a refund.

Some contacts I made on the way out were Lee at www.boneyardstudios.com - super cool - and signed up online for tour in August.

John Labovitz who built his own house truck  polymecca.com/housetruck/  plus he suggested my daughter check out http://tinymaison.blogspot.com as it is a tiny house built by a teenager. I haven't read much on the site yet, just linking it here.

Sat reading today as the twins nap and started crying. I want so much to own my own part of this world where I decide if I grow food, use gray water and adjust my own heat and a/c. That's just a small part of my rant but its mine and I want my house to be mine too. I see my friends make decisions every day about their homes and I don't get to decide many things for myself. That needs to STOP NOW!

Now I have the "technical" symbols to use for drawing my house I just need help with building details ... I read somewhere walls are usually 4.5" thick on tiny houses - why? And I know the max width is 8' and max height is 13.5' if I want to pull my house around by myself and not hire a professional wide load mover. So I guess 13.5' starts at the road? How much room is wasted between the road and the floor? Guess that means we'll easily have a short enough house but need a longer house to get two bedroom areas. So need to find max length .... brb .... (enjoy the song stuck in your head, if you dont have one hum the tune to Bubbe Guppies - or dont - and I will be right back) ... okay I am seeing a lot of max length for 2 vehicles (truck and trailer) is about 60' ... so max length of 40' is well w/in my design plans. I had it at 24' long when I thought she could fit in a loft, but she is almost a grown woman and she wants a "real" room so we are going to try for 30' and go from there.

And now a new excitement stirs me to think I can have the roof top deck I wanted and gutters to save rain water!

Okay much more research to do ... including finding like minded people to discuss possibilities with.

May 13, 2014

So another small house I think I could be comfortable in - though not road worthy it is a whopping 285 sq ft as pictured. And again I'd make a few modifications ... laundry room/mud room in place of bedroom in back with second full door, maybe sliding doors to small back patio and possibly make whats labeled dining into a guest sleeping area and a sun room otherwise. Just some thoughts. Thanks to www.fourlightshouses.com for this inspiration. Wouldn't this house look beautiful in a green hilly location?

May 09, 2014

from 7.10.09

In a blog titled Dream Home I linked this home http://www.architecturaldesigns.com/house-plan-21763dr.asp

Every time I see this house I smile til my face hurts. Why is it so hard to find money? To make money? I asked some people in the know once what profession - not counting "the oldest one in the book" - I needed to go into to make money and no one seems to have a good answer.

I dont have a decade in me to scrape and become a specialist doctor and most things I am good at naturally are undervalued and underpaid.

Oh well at least I can dream that this is my little cottage on the edge of heaven ....
I did it! I fixed the holes left in the wall by the plumber over two years ago! The landlord said the hole shad to be fixed up to code ... photos of my bathroom will come online shortly and you can tell me if it's up to code.

(We no longer live here but found this in my drafts folder so thought I would publish it anyway. 4.9.14)

Speaking of codes I need to figure out what the codes are, how to enforce them and pass inspection. Who inspects and how? Not just for my apartment but for when I build someday.

Went to see a new apartment and I really like it, not just the structure but the people who own it too. They will live upstairs where their tenants are now and the basement apartment will become available over the summer. I need to be some place safe and reasonable. The lawn is huge. It's out in the country but accessible to schools, police and fire. My cell phone wasn't excited about working indoors there but hi-speed internet is included so I could do Vonage or something if I need a land-line. Did I mention I really like this place? It's close to my commute to work, and quiet/peaceful!  (We did not move to this great apartment b/c the landlords could not understand how I could live in a one bedroom with my daughter.)


Reuse, Renew, Recycle

Words I hear all the time from the "Green Land".

A word I think we all need is Reduction.

Then there were 2 ..........

So much has changed since last I typed here. One thing that hasn't is my desire, burning and ever present desire to live in my own home. Yes I know there are many people in big cities and small towns alike that rent for life and most are perfectly happy to do so, I AM NOT!

So the dream have downsized from a B 53 house to an Elm 24 Vantage (with some modifications) house on wheels, but made entirely with reclaimed materials like Brad does in Texas.

It's down to one teenager and me, and since we both agree on wanting our house to be mobile we have modified the Vantage to fit our style and I have started shopping for accessories ... light fixtures, faucets, stain glass windows and trying to figure out how to put my own piece of must come with us furniture (china hutch I got on Freecycle that holds EVERY dish and utensil we need now) in a tiny house. We think we'll polyurethane it and put it on enclosed back porch as place for boots if we are in the snow, flip flops if down south and add baskets on the upper shelves for gloves, sunglasses, garden supplies and the occasional fun find like a shell, old button or misc coins from the truck seat. I have my door knob, lock and it's skeleton key so we may need to build out own door for it to fit. This is such an amazing adventure. I just wish I knew more folks like me who were doing the same thing, living simply and not thinking others nuts for doing so.

Oh yes we need to buy a truck too, that's scarier than building a house.